02.06.2022 —
02.06.2022 —

The summer heat was already beginning, but the asphalt was still not warm, it still allowed you to move around the city calmly and not look for shelter from the heat. Although the sun was already beginning to dazzle and burn the streets. Thirst was just around the corner, I was thirsty.
    An unfinished book was pulling at the pocket of my coat, as if reminding me of my presence, the last lines on which I stopped last time stuck in my head. 
    -"it is described in terms of essence, existence, causes and accidents.
The word "first" forbids.
It's not the laws that are needed to move and go. Any shift is illegal." 
    Sounding over and over again as if losing their original meaning, taken out of context and still with oozing roots of phrases, they were callously repeated. 
    Today, I think I finally moved at least towards a leisurely walk, walking without much direction, trying to get a feel for everyday life. It all resembled some kind of game in which the same thing was repeated, I was thirsty. To go there, not knowing where. Why is there no store or at least a soda stand anywhere? And once there were speakers on the streets, maybe thirst is a shift, maybe it's driving me 
    "It's not the laws that are needed to move and go. Any shift is illegal."
I sat down on a bench, decided to take a break and opened the book to the marked page. 
    - The word "first" forbids.
    "It's not the laws that are needed to move and go. Any shift is illegal."
"Totality is needed. Or, the same thing, you need a point of intensity and will. But by no means representations and signs.
There will be laws and signs later. But so far it has not been. And you have to go there, not knowing where, and bring something without imagining what. And if there is no intensity point. What are you like?"
    The sun melted the text into a general mess of characters and the lowercase letters acquired a special contrast. They slid and blurred under the already scorching sun, violating all the laws of the book and sentences. 
Trying to focus on these lines, the phrase 
- "Any shift is illegal" sounded again, but not so clearly, as if it began to float out and mix with the flying flowers of a nearby growing apple tree.