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01.07.2023 —

In Bitten By Lilith, Alisa Smorodina turns to socialist fiction of her childhood and its romanticised utopias. She analyses it through the prism of the present day in order to identify the gap between ideology and chaos.
Alisa Smorodina combines the story of Alisa Selezneva, the fictional protagonist from Kir Bulychev’s children’s sci-fi novel Guest from the Future and the legend of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who was created his equal. She explores this juxtaposition through her childhood photographs.

Like a caring curtain, the blanket sets apart and obscures, so that you don’t see too much. Caring is like parental swaddling: we’re all covered by a bunch of blankets so that we do not fear the burning earth.


Look over there and it’s scary, look the other way and it’s not. A way to swaddle matter and state.


— It was she who was bitten by Lilith!


If a child is laughing in her dream on a moonlit night you must tickle her under the nose to ward off Lilith.


— It was she who didn’t get the lilac ball!


As layers peel off, the hidden is revealed behind the familiar. You get what you get. And in the end it’s just a bunch of messed up children wrapped in burnt blankets.

The truth revives the Golem.