11.11.2022 —
11.11.2022 —

On November 11, in the last month of autumn, the first group exhibition "Bohemian Grove" was open in Devyatnadtsat.
The project was supposed to open back in July in the gallery's garden as a site specific. But the day before the start of the installation, a hurricane hit Moscow, which washed away the fence in the gallery garden with streams of water and brought down part of the garden where the works were to be exhibited, and we had to
cancel the exhibition.

The project unites the works of 5 artists: Anya Kiselyova (Yekaterinburg), Ekaterina Serikova (Moscow), Olga Paramonova (Moscow Region-
skva), Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva (Moscow/St. Petersburg), Anna Bobrova (Moscow/ St. Petersburg).

The whole exhibition is permeated by the spirit of extremely mystical outlines. As well as the name itself and the legends associated with the grove.
Bohemian Grove is the name of a place that is located in the city of Monte Rio, California, USA.
She belongs to a private men's arts club, known as the Bohemian Club, which is located in San Francisco.
Every year in July, since 1899, the most influential people in the world come here to hold a two-week summer marathon.
The Bohemian Club has many artists, especially musicians, as well as high-ranking business leaders, government
officials (including U.S. presidents) and media publishers. An exceptional feature of the club is that there is a queue for club members
— about 15 years old. Club members can invite guests to the Bohemian Grove, who, in turn, will be carefully checked. These guests
come from all over the USA and other countries of the world.

The heraldic motto of the grove is "Spiders weaving a web do not come here", which implies that all problems and com-
commercial transactions must be left outside. Contrary to the motto, there is evidence of political and commercial transactions
carried out in the grove. Bohemian Grove is especially famous for the Manhattan Project, which was discussed there in September 1942 and

Subsequently, it led to the creation of the atomic bomb. Among the visitors to the grove, in addition to Ernest Lawrence and military officials, it is known about the
president of Harvard and representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric.