La plage privée
08.05.2024 —
08.05.2024 —

Devyatnadtsat’ Gallery opens Sasha Kochetkova's solo exhibition La plage privée at the LGalerie.

Sasha Kochetkova is a multidisciplinary artist who works with paintings, installations, digital media and public art. The central theme for Sasha is the process of changing human identity under the influence of digital reality. She is interested in the problems of preserving material memory in the process of forming digital forms of a new, posthuman identity.

In the La plage privée project, she turns to the techniques of oil painting, taking as a basis 3d scans made in an almost impressionistic plein air manner. Its objects are ordinary visitors to private beaches. The inaccuracy of the scans and the digital error become a tool in the hands of the artist. The inability of the lidar sensor to accurately convey the elusive moment, the breakdown of polygons when scanning an object — all this turns into a method of image transformation. The changes that occur to the object as a result of the transition from physical reality to digital reality are deposited on the canvas in the form of painting.

The La plage privée project immerses us in the atmosphere of a red-hot beach. The bright sun melts the outlines of people, splits textures and burns the skin.

Sasha Kochetkova is not so much interested in people as in their bodies — the bodies of serenely vacationing townspeople in an elitist fenced area.

Like the color change in Monet's works, the color change in Sasha's works is not due to the pollution of canals and fog from steamships, but to the scorching ultraviolet light penetrating through the dwindling layers of the atmosphere. The temperature rose so much that everything was baked and frozen, fried. The images tremble in a hot haze. It is a strange combination of carelessness, triviality of the situation and viscous anxiety — like the last day of Pompeii.

The packs of dogs present in the expositions of the paintings are for Sasha Kochetkova as important a part of the plot as the climate. Opposed to people by their open aggressiveness and satanism, dogs at Sasha's works cluster in groups, attack, bite. They have a face. Their actions are filled with suddenness. Unlike images of humans, dogs do not fall apart, their bodies are whole structures. They are clear and individual, the digital error does not apply to them.

Text: Anna Taganzeva
Editor: Natalia Serkova