The morning routine
21.10.2023 —
21.10.2023 —

When living in larger communities where the population has increased many times over since the beginning of the 20th century and continues to do so, the concept of hygiene and cleanliness has become an essential part of daily life for individuals.
To interact with others, whether they are neighbors, work colleagues, or friends, it is necessary to maintain a certain standard
of cleanliness. Without doing so, individuals risk being isolated from society and may experience similar challenges to those faced by homeless individuals.

In an effort to maintain our own standard of cleanliness, we rely on mass culture, a form of entertainment that is enthusiastically promoted by companies that produce various chemicals, from powders to perfumes. However, this reliance on mass culture has led to a situation where our standards of cleanliness have become expensive and may be detrimental to the environment.

The Morning Routines project is a discussion on the inseparable relationship between human life and the natural environment.
It highlights the ways in which our daily routines have become intertwined with our interactions with the world around us,
and how these practices can impact both our physical and emotional well-being.Our daily routine, which aims to achieve
a certain level of cleanliness in our surroundings, is often influenced by products that are part of a culture of consumption.
This can lead to us paying excessive prices for these products. Advertising for certain products, such as detergents, promises
us the opportunity to feel a sense of wealth and success. However, in the case of detergents, this can also lead us into a world
of absolute order and sparkling cleanliness.

Can modern man exist without these products? Or have we become hybrids, creatures who exemplify cleanliness in contrast
to all the dirt that is born from the earth?


Venue: IsKozh @smena_kazan

Curator: Devyatnadtsat’ @19_devyatnadtsat 

Address: Russia, 420054, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Tehnicheskaya street,  23 B